Tuesday, July 14, 2009

dentists, late work days, and no calls/no shows

Today would be a great day for a nap before work. I just got home from the dentist (yay!...lol) an hour ago...scolded the dog for eating Jenny's jump rope, and checked my phone, just prior to taking a nap..

Well, I should have just gone to sleep. It turns out that someone no called-no showed at work and I'm the next person scheduled to arrive (12pm) and now I get to go in early..GRRR! THis person has done this before, I'm thinking he really doesn't want to work for me much longer...

Regardless, if you can friends, please enjoy the sunshine for me and take a nap, if you can... I'll be serving coffee to the masses instead.

At least I'll be off work in time to see the end of the day... (8:30pm is the scheduled time, but perhaps I can leave early today...)